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Thudufushi Island Resort

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Thudufushi Island Resort

Thudufushi Island Resort

Star Rating: 4 Star

Location: South Ari Atoll

No. of Rooms: 49

Distance from Airport: 80.5 km

Transfer: Seaplane(25 minutes)

"On 21 January 2008 a turtle came to visit Thudufushi. This was a very particular visit as in fact she had chosen Thudufushi to deposit her eggs; the island was supposed to become the future birth place for her newcomers. All the guests and staff of Thudufushi were very excited about this natural event and were looking forward to see the baby turtles born. The area where the mother deposited her eggs was protected with a net in order to keep hungry animals - such as crabs and birds - away from the eggs. It normally takes 60 days for little turtles to come out of the eggs, so when the 61st day had passed we started worrying about the turtles and wondering what was wrong. In fact we had some hard rainy days in the previous weeks and possibly the sand had become a too hard obstacle for the babies! We stopped hesitating and on the 62nd day we decided to dig out and check the eggs. After one hour trace of the turtles or of the eggs!!! We did not give up and we moved a meter away from the original position until......the babies started to come out from the sand one after the other!!! Unfortunately some eggs could not make it till the end but we were so happy and excited to count 51 baby turtles! In the previous days we had prepared a large house for the babies in the sea under our jetty. Of course we took all our precautions and we protected the turtles with a net in order to keep all hungry predators away from them. As soon as the turtles will grow and become able to defend themselves from their new "sea friends" we will release them hoping that at least some of them will choose Thudufushi as their home for life!"

Room Types:

Beach Bungalows 47                                           Garden Bungalows 2








Room Facilities:

• Hot & Cold Water
• Hair Dryer
• Internet Facilities
• IDD Telephone
• Satellite Television

Resort Facilities:

• Boutique
• Jewellery
• Business Center
• Internet and e-mail facilities
• Water gym
• Aerobic and dance classes

Restaurants & Bars:

• Main Restaurant
• Main Bar
• Beach Bar

Water Based Activities:

• Scuba Diving
• Swimming Pool
• Windsurfing
• Water Bungalows
• Catamaran Sailing
• Parasailing
• Canoeing
• Water Skiing
• Wake Boarding
• Banana Riding
• Satellite Television
• Submarine Diving
• Jet Ski
• Excursion
• Big Game Fishing

Land Based Activities:

• Internet Facilities
• Mini Bar
• Badminton
• Tennis
• Beach Volley


• Scuba Diving
• Catamaran Sailing
• Submarine Diving
• Big Game Fishing


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