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Summer Island Village

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Summer Island Village

Summer Island Village

Star Rating: 3 Star

Location: North Male Atoll

No. of Rooms: 92

Distance from Airport: 35 km

Transfer: Speed Boat (120 minutes)

That is the way many of our guests see our lovely island in the Republic of the Maldives in the Indian Ocean.
We have guests who are visiting the Maldives for the 20th time and still are not bored. On the contrary, every time they land on Hulule it's like coming home again.

Of course they also are tired after the long flight and would like to pass the customs officer faster, but a "Salaam aleikum" (good morning/ afternoon/ evening) makes some faces smile and after receiving the necessary stamps a "Shukuria" ; will de-ice all faces.
When you travel for the first time, you should have some patience. The immigration officers check your passport and the lady next to him checks if your embarkation card. (The airline crew will hand this card to you).But once you are done with all the paperwork you can pick up your luggage. Please remember that you are visiting a Muslim country. Respect their way of life; don't try to bring in pork, alcohol or drugs. Don't even try to hide it in your luggage, they will find it.

Then it's time to wonder, once outside the airport you will notice you have landed on a very small island, that up till now, has only one runway. So the next leg of your trip is either by boat or by plane. But don't worry, all travel agencies have people waiting for you and they are friendly and will bring you to the waiting ferry. But don't rush; take your time. It's too hot to worry and to rush!
If you cant find the representative of your travel agency, please go to counter no 51 (Kaimoo Travel). There they will take care of everything.

As most tourists are transported by boat you will be accompanied to the jetty. One of the ?Noors? will be waiting for you, but before embarking there is your next surprise. The sea is really blue, just the way it was in the brochure and it's not modified, it's real! Once on board of one of the "Noors" sit down and relax. Leaving the harbor and on the way to Summer Island Village you will see Male, the capital, with the gold plated roof of the mosque. And if, you are lucky, dolphins will accompany you on the way to Summer Island.

Try to sit in front of the Noor. It gives you a reat opportunity to take beautiful pictures of the island you pass and of course of Summer Island Village. As the trip to Summer Island takes at least 90 minutes, try to enjoy the sun and the view. The things you see are either the "Water Villas (see fact sheet for more details) or the jetty. If you can try to buy a bottle of water on the airport, as it is 1 3/4 hrs to our island and is nice to have something to drink.

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Room Types:

Standard Rooms

Standard Room

Bungalows / rooms up to 3 adults consists of: Double or twin bed, shower [Hot / Cold] some are partially open air, Air Conditioning and fan





Water Bungalows

With fridge , satellite TV, bath , hairdryer ,mini safe, telephone, open balcony , glass panel on floor, For nocturnal fish spotting [lighted at night] available at a supplement.


Room Facilities:

• With fridge
• Satellite TV
• Bath
• Hairdryer
• Mini safe
• Telephone
• Open balcony
• Glass panel on floor

Resort Facilities:

• Restaurant
• Bar
• Spa
• Land Sports
• Water Sports
• Spa

Restaurants & Bars:

• Buffet Style Restaurant
• Coffee Shop
• Bar

Water Based Activities:

• Windsurfing
• Catamarans
• Water skiing
• Parasailing
• Canoes
• Banana rides

Land Based Activities:

• Volleyball
• Badminton
• Darts
• Ttable tennis


• Island Hopping
• Male shopping
• Night Fishing
• Submarine Dive


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