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Kandooma Tourist Resort

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Kandooma Tourist Resort

Kandooma Tourist Resort

Star Rating: 3 Star

Location: South Male’ Atoll

No. of Rooms: 120

Distance from Airport: 35 km

Transfer: Speed Boat (40 mins)

That Kandooma, the island, is blessed with white sands, azure skies, lush tropical greenery and clear turquoise waters almost goes without saying. To complement this, Kandooma, The Resort, has created services intended to satisfy, engage, entertain, inform, educate and..... luxuriate. For some this means discovering the world of marine biodiversity or being challenged by a new sea sport skill. For others it will be about getting back in touch with the family, the environment and (dare we say it?) themselves. Parents will be relieved to see their children as happy captives of the kids' club. Dining options have been developed to offer real choices for today's more experienced palates.
Kandooma is ready to appeal to discriminating travelers who boldly embrace, seek more from, and celebrate....... life!
Kandooma- Maldives - "Celebrate life, Love life, Live life"

Room Types:

Beach VillaKandooma Tourist Resort beach villa
Like all Kandooma's accommodation, the semi-detached beach villas come with large picture windows that positively invite the outdoors inside. Whitewashed floor boards evoke a sense of fresh coolness, yet feel warm and textured to bare feet. Luxury comes from light summer duvets and generously proportioned bath towels.
The beach villas are 36 square metres in size.

Duplex VillaKandooma Tourist Resort Duplex villa
The sea-facing duplex villas offer the luxury of space. Located at the water's edge, the villas present a striking mix of natural elements and modern design. Bedrooms located at the first floor level and so enjoy views of the sea. The living area underneath the bedroom is furnished with designer seating laid out on a carpet of fine white sand.
The duplex villas are 72 square metres in size, with 36 square metres on each level.

Family villa

Family villa as the name suggests, are ideal for families or a small group of divers, and are the size of two duplex villas together. They offer sleeping space upstairs as well as living and dining below.

Water VillaKandooma Tourist Resort water villa
Water villas offer the ultimate in the Kandooma Maldives experience.
Hovering above coral and marine life in the shallow clear waters, guests will enjoy their time on their private sundeck, dangling their feet in the water, or at high tide, relaxing in a partially submerged hammock. Expansive living space is complemented by a large open bathroom which offers an outdoor shower and bathtub and views of the water.
The water villas are 65 square metres in size.

Room Facilities:

• Flat screen televisions
• Mp3/iPod
• Indoor out-door showers
• Wifi broadband

Resort Facilities:

• Bar
• Spa
• Dive Center
• Shopping
• Entertainment
• Sopping

Restaurants & Bars:

• Kandooma Café
• Poolside
• The Kitchen
• The Deck
• Bokkuraa Coffee Club
• Take Out and Delivery

Water Based Activities:

• Windsurfing
• Kite Boarding
• Catamaran
• Snorkeling
• Aqua
• Underwater Hockey

Land Based Activities:

• Campfire Tales
• Stargazing
• Bicycle Polo
• Volleyball
• Football
• Petanque
• The famous French game
• Croquet


• Snorkeling Trip
• Aqua Safari
• Adventure Aqua Safari
• Guided Kayaking
• Local Island Visit
• Picnic Island
• Night Fishing
• Sunset Cruise
• Private Excursion
• Castaway Picnic
• Local Island Visit
• Visit a local Fisherman island and one Resort Island
• Picnic Island
• Castaway Picnic
• Big Game Fishing
• Night Fishing
• Traditional Maldivian Fishing
• Sunset Cruise


Serenity and rejuvenation await you at the COMO Shambhala Spa at Kandooma...
The idyllic setting sets the scene of serenity and calm as it gets you in the mood for relaxation and indulgence. The perfect getaway from all pressures and demand of today's modern world, the spa experience at Kandooma is all about energising in a natural environment with its offerings of a wide range of therapeutic massages and spa treatments.With five treatment rooms set in a natural and serene environment, experience the true meaning of rejuvenation as you ease your well-being into a relaxed state of body while taking in the breathtaking oceanic views.