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MV Carpe Diem

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MV Carpe Diem

Offers: Diving / Cruising/ Surfing

Rating: Standard

Capacity: 24 passengers 10cabins

Cruising Speed: 525 N knots

Length: 35meters

Welcome to MV Carpe Diem, a unique liveaboard holiday offering you all activities and surroundings starting with the letter S while touring the beautiful atolls of the Maldives, making it an S-holiday! Imagine enjoying the beautiful Maldivian Sun, Sea, Sand and Stars while Scuba diving, Salsa dancing, Spa visiting, Skiing (water and jetski), Surfing, Sunbathing, Snorkelling and Swimming. Cruising in the Maldives has never been so diverse and fun with all these activities offered on our brand new boat resulting in a dream holiday.


The very spacious suite, our SUN cabin, with over 20 m2 in size is located at the upper deck. The suite has a king size bed, a wide flat screen TV plus DVD/MP3 player, mini fridge and an ample closet plus storage space. The 5 windows give a beautiful view to the sea.



Deluxe Cabin
Opposite the suite on the upper deck is another big cabin, the STAR cabin, with a queen size double bed, flat screen TV plus DVD/MP3 player and 3 windows overlooking Maldives blue waters.




High Standard

The Carpe Diem has two high standard cabins, SEA and SAND, which are a little smaller than the deluxe cabin on the upper deck and located on the main deck with queen size double beds and TV plus DVD/MP3 players.



A total of 6 standard cabins, SALSA, SCUBA, SURF, SMILE, SHELL and SKI are located on the cabin deck below the main deck. 4 of these standard cabins are very spacious having a queen double bed and bunk bed and therefore can take triple occupancy. The 2 other standard cabins each have a twin bed and bunk bed and can only take double occupancy. All standard cabins have portholes.



• The main bar
• Lounge area with a coffee / tea table
• Wide flat screen TV
• DVD/MP3 player
• Spirits
• Wines
• liquors
• Cocktails and beers.
• Laundry
• Main deck


• Water maker
• Diving Dhoni
• HP Compressors:
• Nitrox Gen
• FA Oxygen on board


• Sounder
• VHF Radio
• Internet

Sports & Recreation:

• Scuba Diving
• Skiing
• Sun Set Fishing
• Salsa Dancing
• Spa
• Surfing
• Jet ski

Boat Layout: